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Mattresses of our product: unique features that make them special. What sets them apart from others?

Mattresses of our product: unique features that make them special. What sets them apart from others?

Our mattresses differ from others available on the market with many unique features that make them unique in many respects. Below are some key points that distinguish our products:

  1. Unique cover: Our mattresses have covers that are not permanently sewn on. Unlike other manufacturers, our mattresses are equipped with zippers that are sewn on three sides. This makes opening the cover extremely easy, which also facilitates washing in the washing machine.

  2. Innovative design with coconut mat: Our mattresses use coconut mats that are placed inside the mattress. Their unique design eliminates protruding edges, which prevents them from digging into the user's body. Additionally, the coconut mat is not visible on the surface of the mattress, which ensures comfortable and safe use.

  3. Unique coconut mat layer: We use a 1 cm thick coconut mat layer in our mattresses. This is a deliberate choice, because only with such a thickness of the coconut mat can you observe its positive effect on sleep comfort. Unlike other manufacturers who use 0.6 cm thick layers, our mattresses provide much better support for the body and reduce point pressure. Thanks to this, users can enjoy an even higher level of comfort while sleeping.

  4. Various spring thicknesses: Unlike standard solutions, our mattresses have layers of springs of different thicknesses. A combination of 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm thick springs arranged alternately provides better body support and minimizes the transmission of vibrations to another person during sleep.

  5. Matched mattress technologies: We offer our clients a variety of mattress technologies, such as VISCO foam, coconut layer and latex foam. Each of these technologies has its advantages and is adapted to the different needs of users. For example, VISCO foam is ideal for older people, while latex foam provides softness and flexibility.

  6. Durability and resistance to damage: Our mattresses are designed to survive many years of intensive use. Additionally, our mattresses are easy to clean, and the covers can be washed in a washing machine even at 40 degrees, which ensures long-lasting freshness and hygiene.

Thanks to these unique features, our mattresses stand out from other products available on the market. Knowing these details will allow our customers to make an informed choice and enjoy comfortable sleep for many years. Check out our wide range of mattresses today:



IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Super realizacja. Polecam zakupy w ,,WYGODNE MEBLE ONILE''. Zamówiłam, dwa podnóżki z niedostępną u tego wykonawcy tkaniną. Sprowadzono ją i otrzymałam produkt w 100% z oczekiwaniami. Wykonanie też bez żadnych uwag.
Bardzo miła i profesjonalna obsługa.